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Ever thought of adopting a Llama but didn't have the space? Ever wanted to own a pony but not sure where to start? Ever just want to snuggle cute animals without having to commit to daily chores affecting your holidays? Why not Adopt-a-Snuggle?

Adorable Kid Holding Chicken


Whether it is the therapeutic relationship animals have to offer, the practical knowledge of learning how to take care of an animal or the commitment to weekly outdoor fun of the uniquest kind, we offer this net opportunity to sponsor an animal they connect with. 

How it works 

 Step 1

✅ Meet + Greet with a few friendly faces in the Piccadilly Petting Zoo

 Choose a furry friend to Adopt-a-Snuggle

Step 2

 Commit to a 6 month Adoption term (December-May)

Adoption fees range depending on the animal (disclosed below)

Adopt-a-Snuggle fee due at the beginning of each month

Step 3

✅  Come visit for Snuggle Saturdays 10:00-12:00PM

✅ Spend time grooming, feeding, walking, snuggling,

learning about your snuggly friend

*no time commitment necessary, no obligation to visit*

✅ Feel free to bring treats, a new collar or leash, etc.

✅ Includes use of trails, skating rink, Piccadilly Petting Zoo

+ Adventure Loft during Snuggle Saturdays

Available Snuggles!

Meet the Farm Fam-Jam

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