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Rookie Riders

Rookie Riders is a 6 week program for children (ages 6- 12)  to experience the joy of equestrian sport in a dynamic, fun-filled program. This leading edge curriculum was designed collaboratively with experts in both physical literacy and equestrian development. The program teaches activities and skills that are fundamental to success in horseback riding as well other sport physical literacy foundations. It includes basic gymnastics on mats, on a “barrel horse” and concludes with an introduction to vaulting with a Certified Level 1 Vaulting Coach. It is a core skill building program that benefits all disciplines. It is a creative and inspiring introduction to the sport for children we hope will become passionate and continue to progress in the sport. 

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Participants learn about...



  • Learn about horses and how to safely interact with them


Fundamental Movement Skills


  • Develop Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) necessary for riding by engaging students physically, mentally, and emotionally in individual and group activities

Fundamental Sport Skills 

  • Learn to safely mount and dismount

  • Develop ability to maintain a balanced and relaxed position with proper posture while mounted

  • Become comfortable changing into a variety of positions and holds while mounted

  • Vaulting foundations

  • Develop a foundation towards Equestrian Canada Learn to Ride – English or Western Level 1 Test


Choose your own adventure...

Rookie Riders is highly adaptable and can be customized to meet needs of specific groups and environments. Designed to be delivered to large groups of children, intended to be flexible in it's delivery, instructors and facilities may tailor the program to see the needs of students or facility.

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