All of the amazing things happening at Ashfield Farm would not be possible without the generosity of our donors. If you'd like to partner with us, consider donating to one of the options below!


General Fund

Contributions to this fund support the overall work at Ashfield Farm in all of its diversity, including covering operational and other general expenses that keep the farm up and running.


Restoring People

Ashfield Farm’s aim is to foster community and embrace beauty while empowering people. We are a community of people deeply defined by the concepts of family and wholehearted living, and restoration and connection are overarching themes in all of our programs. Contributions to this fund support our various people-oriented programming including the Grow Leadership Program, children’s programs, community events, and the people who live and work at Ashfield Farm.


Restoring Animals

 Partnering with animals enables us to offer a wide range of dynamic and unique programming for children and adults to enjoy. Our resident animals contribute to our goal of restoring people - helping to build confidence, care and nurturing skills, personal reflection skills, and awareness of working with nature. Contributions to this fund supports a broad scope of animal-related expenses including veterinary and medical expenses, tack and equipment, general supplies and care costs, enclosures, and more!

Restoring Property

Contributions to this fund support the restoration and cultivation of our one-hundred acres of land, the maintenance of and capital improvements to the house, barn, and other out-buildings, and all other expenditures related to existing and future physical spaces at Ashfield Farm.


Thank you!

We couldn't accomplish our mission without you! We accept credit card, Visa Debit and Mastercard Debit giving. You can give one time or create a giving account to manage your payment methods, set up recurring giving and view your giving history. You can also give with our app for iOS and Android. Donors will be emailed a charitable receipt in February for all donations made in the previous calendar year.

Thanks a million!