An agricultural life is one eminently calculated
for human happiness and human

                                                                                - C.L. Allen

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We’re so excited to share farm life with your kids!


FARM SCHOOL - Equine Edition 

From horse first aid to horsemanship basics and general care, this edition of Farm School is geared towards learning about the veterinary basics needed for horse and pony ownership or admiration!


This unique one day intensive equine edition will be a hands-on introduction to everything horse related. Perfect for the horse lover or enthusiast!

We’re opening our doors to share our passion for these majestic creatures on
Saturday, August 13 | 9:00AM-2:00PM

Cost || $80

A qualified coach and passionate pony-lover, alongside a team of creative instructors have rallied together to form a program your kids will love!

We will be hands-on and knee deep in the mastering skills

needed to become a horse lover! 

Space is very limited so don’t wait!