An agricultural life is one eminently calculated
for human happiness and human

                                                                                - C.L. Allen



We’re so excited to share the farm with your kids!


From cheesemaking to fibre arts to animal husbandry, each week will be a new activity geared towards learning about homesteading and farm life.

This unique 6-week semester will be a hands-on introduction.

We’re opening our doors to share real farm life with your family from 
Wednesday, October 6 - Wednesday, November 10
4:15-5:15 PM

A qualified teacher and passionate farmer alongside her team of creative instructors have rallied together to form a program your kids will love!

We will be hands-on and knee deep in the mastering skills needed to become a farmer. From livestock guardian dogs being born to tending to piglets to wrangling goats, your kiddos will have a front row seat to a working farm as we move through the seasons.

Space is very limited so don’t wait!