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Choose your adventure!


Swimming, horseback riding, animal snuggling and more!


Our summer camps are designed for maximum farm fun and unique memories!


Whether charming an alpaca, playing with baby goats, wrangling a pig or bunny snuggling, hands-on farm experience leads to epic summer camp adventures!

Guess what animal is pulling this sleigh at Farm School_.png


From horse first aid to horsemanship basics and general care, this edition of Farm School is geared towards learning about the veterinary basics needed for horse and pony ownership or admiration!

This unique one day intensive equine edition will be a hands-on introduction to everything horse related. Perfect for the horse lover or enthusiast!


Ages 6-12


Hosted by All Nations Church

Kids aged 6-12 can enjoy this unique camp program geared towards good values, big group games, science experiments, imagination station, adventure stories, oasis snacks + so much fun! 


In addition to the creative + engaging VBS programming, kiddos will also get an opportunity to enjoy a dip in the pool, horseback riding + enjoy the many animals around the farm! 

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