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There is much to celebrate

Colorful Birthday Party


Come celebrate your next birthday party in our Adventure Loft!  We offer one hour of farm-themed programming which includes horse rides, pony decorating, animal experiences, and farm exploits. After all that adventure the loft is yours to use for an hour for cake, food, gifts and/or any other party happenings you have planned. 

Food is not included but you are welcome to bring food with access to our kitchen and fridge/freezer if need be. We provide basic birthday decorations but feel free to add your own flare as well.

Cost: $450 for a two hour time slot (with up to 45mins of programming run by our Farm Party Crew).

We require a deposit of $150 to reserve the date for birthday parties. Full payment is due the day before the event which can be paid for via e-Transfer to with the password 'birthday'.

If you would like to book your party with us or have further questions or you need any more information you can email 

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